Our shop receives customer owned meters for cleaning, calibration, repair and programming. We typically provide quotes for this service and prices vary depending on residential versus commercial meters and quantities. Testing orders are invoiced upon shipment to customer.  In addition to customer owned meters, the meter shop processes salvaged meters for resale. Salvage meters are generally purchased from utilities and are either scrapped or staged for resale. Orders are taken over the phone or through the company website.  Meters used to fulfill orders will go through the process outlined below.  Sales orders are paid at the time of order using a credit card or invoiced upon shipment of product to customer. Meters are tracked upon receipt into the shop and go through an 8 step process:

  1. Meters are unpackaged and logged
  2. Meters are disassembled
  3. The base of the meter is cleaned
  4. The meter glass is cleaned
  5. Meter is calibrated and tested
  6. Meter is reassembled and sealed
  7. Test records are generated
  8. Meters are packaged and shipped