Meter Installation begins with a customer engagement in which the customer enters into a service contract to install a number of electric or water meters per a defined scope of work over a period of time.  Typical contracts are 1-3 year engagements. Projects are staffed with 2-10 field technicians including a field supervisor.  Technicians are equipped with safety clothing including face shields, a company vehicle, work order handheld device, and volt meters for electric meter installation.  Electric meter installs are conducted using the following 18 steps:

  1. Verify site location information in work order systems.
  2. Notify customer meter exchange will take place.
  3. Inspect meter site environment for obstructions and hazards.
  4. Validate meter face plate to ensure it matches work order and service type.
  5. Open work order and take site validation photo.
  6. Capture out read.
  7. Ensure all PPE is on prior to contact with meter can.
  8. When swapping out the meter first cut the seal.
  9. Remove the cover or ring locking the meter in place.
  10. The meter is then removed by grasping the top of the meter and pulling it free from the meter canister.
  11. If there are any problems such as burned lugs, loose lugs, or cable trouble reinstall existing meter and follow escalation process with the utility.
  12. Take photo of empty socket.
  13. Take voltage with volt meter.
  14. When installing the new meter, align the two bottom lugs of the meter to the bottom lugs in the meter box, then while pushing in the meter make sure the top lugs are aligned as well. With all four lugs aligned you push the meter in place. Making sure it’s pushed all the way in. Examine the new meter, making sure it’s installed correctly.
  15. With power flowing through meter to the facility; examine the new meter making sure no problems arise.
  16. A seal is then placed on the meter ring or can.
  17. Take new meter installation photo.
  18. Complete work order.